One life, one ride. Make it bright!

Who we are?

We are humans, homo sapiens, unfathomable and mysterious beings. Our reason is limited and our behavior is unpredictable. We are different every day. Every day we die and we are born again. And only memory attenuates our human weakness. It is the sewing thread that gives meaning to past times. Is it true all the same that it is the extinct times that give meaning to the future …

I’ve been around since 1993. But, I only did exist. I am nobody but anyway I remain someone. Since 1993, I have “lived”. Today, I am Bright Ride.

Bright Ride will give meaning to my life. On its pages, I will keep in writing what I learn as I explore life. Hoping that these lines can bring you happiness as it brings me again and again, I will talk about everything, jumbled up, about the culture, my readings, my travels, my childhood, my family, my entourage, my life lessons…

Looking forward to growing together!

Yours Bright Ride,