One life, one ride. Make it bright!

Trekking in Morocco Sefrou, El Menzel, Ain Timdrin, Ain Sebou

We left the town of El Menzel towards these most beautiful surroundings.
A few kilometers from this small town, water sources remain more or less abundant. We visited Ain Timedrin and Ain sebou.

The atmosphere in Ain Timdrin is very friendly. Surrounded by tents, families come to spend the day swimming and cooking in the open air. A modest atmosphere with a very special charm.

It was an August Sunday, it was prickly pear time, it was summer, the hottest season of the year. Fortunately that day the sky was partially covered with gray clouds, the air was cool and soft and the wind sang for us.

Passionate about nature, discovery and exploration, we walked isolated in the mountains, far away, Far from the hassle of life and the stress of cities.

Arrived at Ain Sebou which gives its name to one of the most important rivers in Morocco: Oued Sebou, located 50km from Mount Bouyblane, the Sebou is a Moroccan river having a total length of 614 km. It takes its sources here in the Middle Atlas, and then joins the Atlantic near Kenitra in Mehdia.

So in one day, life detoxified, became simple and basic.
A joyful day that was engraved in our memory.
But, we noticed that the sun was setting so well that we decided to retrace our steps.