One life, one ride. Make it bright!

The beautiful eastern lake in the city of Wuhan in China

In the midst of this savagery and in this nocturnal area, I never ceased to contemplate nature. I fixed my gaze through the branches to admire the moon teasing the tops of these gigantic mountains. I counted in vain the stars, the shining pearls that dotted the immensity of this dark sky and lit the path of my inescapable imagination.

I feel sorry for me and rejoice both to have forgotten you, and even to have abandoned you in the world of Men. However, I keep a trace, a mobile that takes me back to your world, reminds me of your memories and tells me your news. I resist to keep this day before and I take advantage of this fleeting moment …

Also, I think defining happiness seems more complex than its equation. The biological, nature, biodiversity are a major source of happiness. Nothing more relaxing than the song of birds, more heavenly than the contemplation of a cool still orange sun and nothing more seductive than the smell of earth pierced with fine rains during its first fruits.

Caught under the wings of this cohesive ecosystem, at East Lake in China, I see, on the one hand, human bodies that are being poisoned, spirits that are purifying and old age that is rejuvenating. On the other hand, I think back to my past and saddened it … disillusioned that I had already missed, in part, those morning moments of happiness. Alas, we missed it, we abandoned the religious and cultural heritage. We have substituted the technological alarm clock for the biological alarm. We did everything and defended it well. And when life has reprogrammed itself to the rhythm of the artificial, I commend you for complicating the equation of happiness.

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