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Succeed your trip in Philippines

The country of the Philippines

My stay in the Philippines was a marvel. However, as it is the largest archipelago in the world (more than 7,000 islands), you have to be very organized to be successful in preparing your trip.

Here is what is good to know when visiting this country. Its geography, its climate, the languages spoken and the activities that really marked me.


The Republic of the Philippines is a country in Southeast Asia. It is an archipelago that is home to 300,400 km² with a total population of just over 105 million. The archipelago is made up of 7641 islands. Even today, some islands remain without name designation… The country is subdivided into three major geographic areas, named Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Luzon is the biggest island in terms of area. It is home to the largest city in the country Quézon, as well as the capital of Manila.

In the center of the country, the Visayas are home to several islands, including Cebu and Bohol. Breathtaking paradisiacal destinations … In the south of the country, it is Mindanao, the second largest island by area.

Finally, to the west of the Visayas, stretches the beautiful archipelago of Palawan. This wonderful Palawan which alone has more than 1,700 islands.


The climate is tropical, rather humid tropical. It is a climate full of typhoons and storms. This is how the period between June and October is the rainiest. Apart from tourism which extends throughout the year, this season is considered the lowest.

Geological particularity

Geologically speaking, the Philippine Islands are of volcanic origin because they are part of the Ring of Peaceful Fire. This is how the mountain ranges with the narrow plains and the deepest sea pits in the world find their value there. Recently, in January 2018, although at Mount Mayon, was the last volcanic eruption. It goes without saying that several volcanoes are active and the natives are subject to eruption at all times.

Legazpi City, Philippines
Legazpi City, Philippines

Spoken languages

Filipino and English, both represent the official languages of the country. This explains, on the one hand, the ease of the Filipinos in English and on the other hand, the heavy influence of the period of American colonization.

In fact, although the Philippines had been a Spanish colony since the 14th century, Spanish influence was already being camouflaged by Americanization – but not almost absent. Historically, the United States intervened militarily in the Philippines to liberate the country from the Spaniards. But it was ultimately sold to Americans for $ 20 million. As a result a new war opposes the Filipino separatists in the United States, 1899 …

What strucked me in the Philippines

I will describe my trip as follows: It was just amazing to…


Finally, the Philippines is one of the most beautiful countries in Southeast Asia with a very affordable cost of living. This trip was for me the most unforgettable getaway of my life …

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