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Malaysia in two weeks: the perfect itinerary

Malaysia: A muslim country in Southeast Asia

Malaysia is a country in Southeast Asia. The city of Kuala Lumpur is its historic capital and Putrajaya is its administrative capital. Malaysia is subdivided into two: Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia.

Indeed, Malaysia remains an underestimated country. It is considered by most to be an underdeveloped peninsula. However, the reality is different. This country is growing. It has a good infrastructure, an almost existing unemployment rate. Malaysia is ranked as an investment country with low country risk. Malaysia is thus the best rated country in ASEAN after Singapore.

Often many people just visit Kuala Lumpur. But in reality, this country has a lot to offer for those who are curious enough. Malaysia is home to wonderful nature, including the thousand-year-old jungle, beautiful tea plantations, paradisiacal beaches.

For me, discovering and exploring each country is one of my goals. Traveling through Malaysia has been awesome! This growing country has a lot to offer to history, culture and nature lovers.

If you are planning to spend 2 weeks in Malaysia, this article is exactly what you need!

Personally, I decided to explore Malaysia from south to north. I wanted to discover all that this country has to offer. And I was not disappointed !

Most likely, if you are planning to explore this country, you will land directly in Kuala Lumpur. It was also the starting point of my two week itinerary. But of course you can adjust your route according to your own needs.

Before getting to the heart of the matter, it is necessary to give you a general overview about transportation and accommodation in Malaysia.

Transport in Malaysia: what you need to know

In the age of technology, finding the right form of transportation and the right place to stay shouldn’t be a problem.

Regarding travel, booking trains, buses, ferries, transfers and flights, I have always used the website

The prices are fair and I never had any issues booking through this website. I highly recommend it, not only for your trip to Malaysia, but rather, for all of South East Asia.

I also used the Grab app for my trips around town. It’s great, practical and comfortable. I absolutely invite you to install it on your phone. I like this application because it gives an estimate of the price of the trip even before the confirmation of your reservation. For me, this is very important because often taxi drivers take advantage of tourists by doubling the price.

In Kuala Lumpur, public transportation is also convenient. Do not hesitate to take the metro and the bus.

You can also hire a car, but since Malaysia is a British colony, it is not easy enough to drive on the left if you are used to driving on the right. Driving on the left confused me a lot. I drove a Defender 90 Land rover which I really love. I’ve always dreamed of having one.

Best time to visit Malaysia

Often it is the climate that decides the best time to visit Malaysia. You should know that the climate in this country is equatorial. It is slightly tempered by sea entrances. The temperature is high all year round. It is almost always wet. The rainy season is between November and February but it rains a lot especially in the eastern regions and not in the West.

Despite this, Malaysia can be visited almost all year round. However, during the rainy season, the monsoon can disturb if you are in the east of the country. I personally visited Malaysia during the month of January to escape the winter snow. Anyway my itinerary targets East Malaysia. It is also the most developed wing in the country. All the activities were offered to me under the best conditions, ranging from diving to hiking, climbing and rafting,

The ideal itinerary to visit Malaysia in 2 weeks

Here are the top destinations to see in Malaysia during your two week itinerary.

Day 1-2: Explore Kuala Lumpur

Known for the famous Petronas Twin Towers, this city is vibrant, modern and has wonderful attractions. The city has excellent shopping malls.

The cuisine is diverse. It is the reflection of a multicultural population. As a result, the culinary specialty of Malaysia is equipped with typical local dishes with Chinese, Indian, Malay influences, but also Indonesian, Vietnamese, and Thai influences.

The architecture is also amazing. It combines Islamic, Chinese and European styles. Wood occupies the place of lion. It has long been the main building material, ranging from simple Kampungs (slums) to royal palaces.

Place de l’indépendence – Merdeka Square, Kuala Lumpur

In short, if you arrive in Kuala Lumpur in the morning, I suggest you visit the Batu Caves. This iconic temple is one of the most famous Hindu temples in the world. Its architecture is simply breathtaking. Loved the colorful stairs and especially the hike. Do your best to reach the top. You will admire the sculptures inside the cave a lot.

You are going to climb a hundred stairs. I therefore advise you to wear sporty clothes and comfortable shoes.

Among the must-see attractions in Kuala Lumpur, I cite:

Chinatown, the Sri Mahamariamman Hindu temple, the Sultan Abdul Samad building and the central market.

Tours Petronas, Kuala Lumpur

Day 3-4: Explore Melaka

Melaka or Malacca, whatever you choose to call it. It is a city with a vibrant atmosphere that abounds in history. In fact, I spent 5 days in this city because I liked it a lot.

My main recommendation is to take a pedicab ride. The price of a 15 minute ride is worth around 25 RM but it is well worth it. You will feel like a child riding a pedicab. Admire the architecture, the funky music, the colors and the bright lights… Tip: become the child you were!

The second attraction in Melaka would be to visit the Jonket Street Night Market. Note that Jonker Street is pleasant to walk through during the day. But I think you have to be there in the evening, especially from Friday to Sunday. The other evenings of the week you can still visit there but you will not find the street stalls. Either way, there are a lot of cafes and restaurants in the area that are open all week.

In jonker street you will also find souvenirs, country food, phone cases and everything you need and don’t need. Don’t hesitate to eat the fruity popsicles and taste the delicious street food!

Basically, Melaka is a bustling city and exploring it is a delight. Although this city is blazing with local tourists and Chinese tourists, I suggest that you consider Melaka in your itinerary.

Day 5-7: Explore Cameron Highlands

Visite guidée – Cameron Highlands

Welcome to the land of tea. Even if you love coffee more, after visiting Cameron Highlands you will eventually love tea. Cameron Highlands is a must have. It’s the way to unwind from the accumulated stress in the cities of Kuala Lumpur and Melaka. Above all, get ready to drink lots of tea and eat strawberries!

Cameron Highlands Malaisie

Cameron Highlands is a breath of fresh air. Located in the middle of the mountains and surrounded by the jungle, this place is ideal for relaxation. Considering the altitude, temperatures in Cameron Highlands tend to be a bit cooler. Which means, bring a gown or windbreaker with you.

Be sure to visit the tea plantations, strawberry and butterfly farms. Also trek in the jungle, go to the local market and visit the Valley of the Roses. I recommend going as part of a local guided tour. They will lead you to all of these places. You can find the guided tours everywhere just by walking around. They are cheap and convenient.

Ferme de papillons – Cameron Highlands

Day 8-11: Explore Penang

Penang is culturally diverse. You will find temples, churches, mosques, just a few blocks from each other. I will recommend you to visit George Town, the famous street art. Then, head to Penang Hill to admire the top view of the city. Visit the amazing Kek Lok Si Temple and the Blue Mansion. You will learn a lot about the history of the city.

Although Penang remains a small city, it has all the advantages of a big city.

George Town – Penang Malaisie

Day 12-14: Explore Langkawi

Port Ferry Penang – Langkawi

End your two weeks in Malaysia with a swim in the white sand beaches. Langkawi is the exemplary island for jet skiing, snorkeling, sunbathing or walking on the huge suspension bridge over the mountains. Langkawi offers a wide range of activities.

If you are looking for something quieter, this is your place too! You can take a boat trip and explore the beaches or admire the incredible Seven Wells Waterfall. This waterfall is located deep in the jungle. It is a paradise! You can also swim in the pools at Seven Wells Waterfall (if you don’t forget your swimsuit at the hotel!).

Kayak – Pantai Cenang – île du Langkawi

Dazzled on the island of Langkawi, I had fled the snow in the country where I resided. In the middle of January, I was tanning myself. On the Kayak, I wrote …

“I run from the snow in search of the sun. Once warm, I fled the island towards the islet in search of tranquility. Time and I had fled together. As I am only slightly happy, kayaking was the cheapest way to emancipate me. In total 2 painful hours of navigation but above all of adventure allowed us to marina together. We shared the same Kayak.

Time weighed heavily and his presence was by no means questionable. I had to believe he was loyal to me and gave him all my trust. On the way back, I go back alone! he abandoned me. And … since then, he has never returned, his flight remains incessant … “


Malaysia is a rapidly developing country. It is blessed with good infrastructure, strong economic growth, diverse culture, rich history and breathtaking nature. Do not hesitate to visit this country which remains unfortunately until now poorly estimated by some.

Lovers of nature, history, or culture, at every stage of your trip, believe me, Malaysia will surprise you!

PS: If you are passionate about nature, traveling solo or as a couple, why not visit Taman Negara National Park. Spread over an area of ​​4343 km ², these forests are considered to be the oldest tropical forests in the world. It is estimated to have existed for 130 million years. Try the Canopy Walkway. Not very complicated, but the heat was intense. On the way down I came across a snake. Don’t expect to come across a tiger!

Canopy Walkway – Parc National, Taman Negara


Finally, I hope that after reading this article you will not just visit Kuala Lumpur but rather continue your itinerary until you cover all the wonderful destinations I mentioned.