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I flee China during the Coronavirus CovId 19 pandemic

My experience in China was one of the most beautiful. I have visited several countries in Asia, but China remains the most livable country in terms of living amenities, job opportunities, security … Its popular life made me feel like it belonged to it. It might just be a feeling. I felt sorry!

I realized my love for China when I felt its success and failure all concern me. China will forever be etched in the depths of my young memory.

Of a peaceful, orderly and faultless life. All this upsets and the terror of the media haunts families. The Corona Virus has disrupted life in China. The economy is slowing down and people are putting on weight by sitting at home doing nothing. The Chinese Communist Party remains confident and reassuring. He is certain that sooner or later everything will return to normal. Chinese researchers and doctors are mobilizing but always in vain.

As for me, several hypotheses crossed my mind. However, no one is supposed to understand what the causes of the disease were. I remained like everyone else, a spectator.

Prevention measures were in their place. Fever measurements and temperature measurements are often taken in the entrances and exits of metro stations, residences, malls, etc.

Since I work in China, I have been informed that the activity will start on February 24, 2020 as the virus remains in full spread. My employer believed that I would stay at home on my own, expatriate, in an apartment without furniture, without TV, without wifi for 1 month. The employer had not even accepted the idea of ​​me coming late, 1 or 2 weeks after the scheduled start date. I was amazed at this one-sided thought.
We have a lot of pressure from our family, terrorized by the media. I did the right thing on the sly. And it is only afterwards that they realize that I had

The world, Asia or even China in particular are going through a tough stage. However, the Chinese people’s discipline, hard work and order will cause China to overcome this respite and I will return to it sooner or later.

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