One life, one ride. Make it bright!

Hiking in Morocco, Sefrou, Kechata, Ain El Ouali

At an altitude of 336 meters, we are here in Ain El Ouali, located 11 km from Kechata, or about twenty kilometers from the city of Sefrou.

We set out in a group of about ten people. We took with us everything we need to prepare a good mint tea and a delicious Moroccan Tajine.

The ultimate goal is to have a happy day. A long warm, sunny day filled with swimming, cooking, singing, dancing and laughing. And here is a nice bird’s nest!

A campfire and here’s a mint tea, traditionally served in a teapot. It mixes without using a spoon.

A tablecloth, a lawn, some shade and this is a wonderful picnic. A modest paradise but on Earth.

Bluish water that fills us with freshness.

A second campfire, vegetables, olives, salads and here’s a delicious dish that smells of olive oil. Fruits, grapes …

We swam again and again …

A modest, popular and wildly natural atmosphere. A little dangerous!

Unfortunately I was not wearing protective shoes. I injured both feet. The stones were cut so much by the current that I must have thought they were glass.

On the way back, as usual, a little tired but very happy. We ate buckthorn. This shrub which remains little studied but which contains chemicals which stimulate muscle contractions in the large intestine.

We danced incessantly all the way back.

Mules, donkeys, it’s worth trying.

After a few short hours of walking, we felt thirsty, tired. We contemplated the beautiful landscapes, the traditional breeding of ducks and turkeys.

But we still have to find drinking water!

While we did not know the way, we had to try the adventure anyway! The path was very dangerous. It was very difficult and the thirst grew worse. We were lost in the middle of the mountains. An adventurous man who decides to go down to the water source anyway, no matter the cost. Others couldn’t.

They end up having water as the sun goes down… We drank some spring water and then set off on our way, very happy.

Dancing again and again, singing endlessly, that is the goal of our outing.