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Conghua: the paradise of Chinese Canton

Between modernity and tradition, between sophistication and simplicity, between urban and rural, I invite you today to Guangdong, rather to the Conghua 从 化 district in the giant city of Guangzhou.

Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province

This city is considered the third most populous city in China behind Shanghai and Beijing.


We are in Guangdong Province 广东, well in the southeast of the People’s Republic of China. The term Guangdong 广东 dates back almost a millennium, even to the Song Dynasty (960-1279). It originates from 广 南 东路 (Guǎng nán dōng lù) meaning “eastern region of southward expansion”.

Guangdong was, thanks to trade and the riches of the sea, the most populous and richest province in China. 70% of its inhabitants and its wealth are concentrated around the Pearl River Delta 珠江三角洲. Today, this Delta represents one of the most dynamic economic areas in mainland China since the launch of China’s reform program in 1979. The Zhujiang River stretches over a length of 2,122 km. Through these surrounding fertile lands, the region abounds in rice and fish.


Guangdong makes us dream with the beauty of these reliefs and its mountains which are inserted between the plains and the hills. In fact, over a provincial area of ​​180,000 km², the mountainous regions represent 31.7%; the hills, 28.5%; the plateaus, 16.1% and the plains, 23.7%.

Guangdong’s forest cover rate is impressive. It reaches 57%, or more than half of the total provincial area.


The climate is subtropical and humid. But, it goes without saying that large areas are exposed to monsoons. The winter is mild and the summer long. In fact, the annual sunshine reaches 1,828 hours. As a result, flora is abundant there throughout the year. Guangdong is a thousand-year-old natural and cultural wealth. However, admiring its natural wealth is almost impossible in cities.

Conghua, North District of Guangzhou City

Conghua 从 化 区, this district in the northeastern part of the city of Guangzhou is a “beautiful escape” to contemplate the majestic landforms of the province. We find there :

  • Plains and hills that abound in trees, mango trees and banana trees;
  • Thermal springs rising from the ground baptize the district of the hot springs;
  • Freshwater cascades for rafting;
  • Residential cities and Spa Resorts named after the seaside islands of the world …


In short, Le Conghua 从 化 makes us feel like we are on vacation all year round. This atmosphere takes us on an eternal journey. However, it is a place that remains relatively unknown and unexplored by foreign tourists.

Conghua 从 化 is a haven of peace, Chinese charm and Cantonese magic.

Welcome to Conghua 从 化!

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