One life, one ride. Make it bright!

Swimming pool La Perla Jawhara city of Fez Morocco

Today I am taking you here to Fez, the spiritual capital of Morocco.
It’s lethal, it looks like a semi desert. So here is our Oasis, Piscine la Perla.
Admission is 10 Dollars for adults, 5 Dollars for children.
Right at the entrance you will find a grocery store. Here you can get cold drinks, ice cream …

The pool restaurant is right next door. A nice view here. Maybe I’ll put the towels down here and take a look at the space!
I shower first. On this side, the basin is 3 meters deep, I will dive. Courage baby dolphin.
I really like water!
Here is the nearby restaurant. It smells good !
But I prefer to eat at the large restaurant by the pool. I don’t know why the access from the pool is closed but hey I come in from the other corner.
Once inside, you will admire the beautiful terraces. A hundred chairs, a hundred tables, but it looks like it’s not too crowded today.
This place is dedicated to raw meat. Buy your meat and grill there at the restaurant. The grill is 2 Dollars per kilo.
Let’s go, we’re approaching the restaurant. Go in there, faster, faster. I’m so hungry and it smells good in here. Where are we going? Let’s see, we get to the corner. The view is magnificent there. Let’s sit down first. Let me take in the view first. Impressive ! I like !

Let’s see what’s on the menu. Salads from 2 Dollars. Tagines from 6 euros. I think I’ll eat it all. Pizzas and tacos from 3 Dollars.
I’ll start with a cup of ice cream. Raspberry and vanilla decorated with whipped cream.
The Tacos is coming. I love ketchup. I thought it was a mustard. It’s time to say goodbye to this beautiful sight. We go back to the pool, to dive, swim and drink the pool water …
Back, the sun is still striking. Looks like it’s still noon here. Go swimming little dolphin, you will soon end up in the locker room.